Terra de Falanis was born with one foot in Mallorca, at the hands of the life and soul founders of Bodega Ànima Negra, and with the other in the regions of Montsant, Penedès & Calatayud.

Essence above the superfluous

Wines made from emotion, from love of the work and of nature that is sustains, for passion of a life and the determination to transmit a truth.

Emotional stories

Each one of the wines has its own story; stories that give emotion way above the superfluous and transmit the very essence and soul of the land and the people behind them.


Terra de Falanis was the name used by the Mallorcan historian, author and artist Miquel Barceló to describe the village and people before the existance of the actual village Felanitx, one of the most important villages on the east coast of Mallorca. This formed a nostalgic sentiment amongst the winemakers of Terra de Falanis and the dream of promoting the essence and the unwavering simplicity of yesteryear.

It´s a way of extending the concepts and techniques that they have learnt, in other regions away from Mallorca, applying them further afield from their natural borders, discovering the fantastic possibilities in other denominations of origin.