At Terra de Falanis we believe in sustainability like an ethical committment, with social harmony and the respect for our environment.

The purity of each area

Due to this we take great care of the natural resources at our disposition in each of the wine regions, protecting the environemnt and the health and safety of the people that actively participate in this project with us.

Our experience allows us to treat the land from a learned organic and biodynamic philosophy. The most important is what is underneath the vine & when you look after them they stop having deficincies. The work with micro organisms to “give life to the land” and the assistance of bio fertilisers do the rest.

“The wine is made in the vineyard”

The wine is made in the vineyard; this is the premise of our work. And like this, & only like this balancing the vines, is when we achieve making unique and honest wines.

At Terra de Falanis, we are also respectful when the grapes arrive at the winery. We use the traditional methods of each wine region, strengthened by the knowledge that we have acquired during many years, to obtain the maximum expression and the purity of each of the regions where we make our wines.